World Vape Day

Are you ready for the World Vape Day?

It’s on May 30th, 2023

What is the World Vape Day?

On Tuesday, May 30, the vaping community worldwide will be celebrating harm reduction efforts around the globe. The choice of date is not coincidental and falls just one day before the World No Tobacco Day proclaimed by the WHO: precisely to showcase that vaping and other harm reduction tools are one of the most efficient ways to help smokers quit.

Join our live streams starting at 7 PM CET on 30 May 2023


Livestream program

We will be streaming live on Facebook and Youtube

Opening address: WVA Team
Time to Celebrate Harm Reduction: WVA Partners

Prof. Bernd Mayer debunking vaping myths

Closing Remarks with the WVA Team
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Antonella Marty

Fellow at Consumer Choice Center

Prof. Bernhard Mayer

Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Graz

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn

MD, General practitioner, working in tobacco treatment for over 35 years

Help us spread the word! 

World Vape Day is right around the corner! It’s a joyful day when we celebrate the lives saved by this innovative technology. To help you invite your friends and your community, we prepared promo materials – and they are free to use and publish for everyone!

Raise your voice:

Join our campaign!

Our goal is to raise awareness about the Swedish success in tobacco harm reduction and encourage Swedes to celebrate their achievement. We will spread Sweden’s success story on the EU level, among EU member states and an international audience through political outreach, but also in the media and the vaping community. We will run digital and grassroots events, and help vapers raise their voice. 

Let’s take action and beat smoking rates like the Swedes. By embracing harm reduction, we can achieve smoke-free societies and improve public health for all.