Learning from the Best:
A Tobacco Harm Reduction Primer

Executive Summary

Countries like the United Kingdom and Sweden prove that lower smoking rates can be achieved with an open approach toward alternative nicotine products. Smoke-free goals can be reached if governments learn from the best, and most effective. Countries with a relatively high adoption of alternative nicotine products such as vaping, heated tobacco, nicotine pouches, and snus, generally lower smoking rates faster than other countries. It is time to learn from the best.



Michael Landl

Director at the World Vapers’ Alliance

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Vaping has the potential to ensure 200 million smokers quit forever, but governments must encourage and facilitate it as a cessation method Now more than ever, it is vital that vapers’ voices are heard. to low-risk nicotine products such as vaping.

That’s why we’re taking our campaign out on the road, across Europe and around the world. We need to ensure that those making the key decisions that will affect OUR rights, OUR health and OUR futures, hear OUR collective voice and ‘Back Vaping. Beat Smoking.’