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WVA Harm Reduction and Vaping Fact Sheet

Explore topics ranging from health effects and smoking cessation to youth vaping, taxation implications, the role of nicotine, and the significance of pouch products.

Dr Colin Medelson’s book for free:

A guidebook for many vapers and THR enthusiasts authored by Dr Colin Mendelson is now available for free! The book dispels the myths and outlines the evidence in an easy-to-read and authoritative manner with over 400 scientific references.

Ongoing consultations:


The Brazilian Health Regulation Agency’s (ANVISA) draft proposal of a resolution on electronic smoking devices aims to tighten the trade ban that has been in place in the country since 2009 and prohibit the use and possession of vaping products.

Read WVA’s submission här


The Department of Health in Ireland recently launched a consultation to collect the public’s views about further regulation of tobacco and vaping.

Ready to defend vaping and stand up for your rights?

Participate in the consultation här.

Read WVA’s submission här.

Past consultations:

United Kingdom

The UK Government reviewed policies on vaping and tobacco products, which could jeopardise the nation’s significant progress in harm reduction. 

Read WVA’s submission


The amendment proposal to the Law on the circulation of tobacco products, herbal smoking products, electronic smoking devices and their liquids bans non-tobacco vaping flavours and establishes heavy restrictions on nicotine pouches, a safer nicotine product used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes by many smokers looking to quit. 

Read WVA’s submission här.


The Department of Health and Education in Israel issued an invitation for public responses to their newly released Action Plan titled “Coping with the Damage of Electronic Cigarettes.

Read WVA’s submission här.

United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom announced a plan to mandate information sheets for smokers on how to quit inserted into cigarette packs. The WVA welcomes this plan but urges the government to also include information about less harmful alternatives for smokers who are not able to quit. Have your say and participate in the consultation här


The New South Wales Parliament in Australia is reviewing its regulation of e-cigarettes and has opened an inquiry to better understand its impact on users. Read the WVA’s submission here.


The Government of Canada launched a consultation seeking comments on its Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) “Those with lived and living experiences of tobacco use” were asked to participate. Read the WVA’s submission here.


The Norwegian government is considering a full ban on vaping flavours, which could limit the ability to enjoy the variety of options that have helped countless smokers switch to a safer alternative. Read the WVA’s submission here.


The Slovenian Ministry of Health proposed to introduce a ban on all vaping flavourings except tobacco “to prevent and reduce the use of electronic cigarettes among young people”.

Read the WVA’s submission here.


Read the WVA’s response to the proposal on the potential reforms to the regulation of nicotine vaping products (NVPs) in Australia carried out by the The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) here.

The Netherlands

Read the WVA’s response to the Netherlands consultation o flavour bans här

Social Media Assets:

Combating misinformation and vaping myths

Loads of great materials for vapers to combat misinformation which can be used for free to debunk the main myths on vaping.

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Learn from the experts: 

Tune in to our podcast series “Vaping Unplugged”, where activists can learn from leading experts, gain valuable insights, and stay updated on the latest harm reduction and vaping trends. 

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Learning From the Best: A Harm Reduction Primer

Explore our insightful policy paper highlighting the global leaders in tobacco harm reduction, including the UK, Sweden, Japan, and New Zealand. Discover how these pioneering countries have successfully implemented strategies to reduce smoking rates and promote healthier alternatives.

Stop The War on Nicotine

Unravel the truth about nicotine and dispel common misconceptions in our eye-opening paper. Explore why nicotine itself isn’t the villain – it’s the delivery system that matters.

WVA’s Vaping Products Directive

Explore our vision for the future of harm reduction policy with our proposal for the EU’s Tobacco Product Directive. Crafted with a deep understanding of the nuances surrounding harm reduction, this paper outlines our stance on how balanced regulation can positively impact public health.

Vaping And The Gateway Myth

We also delve into the vaping and gateway myth, addressing whether vaping truly serves as a gateway to smoking. Our analysis challenges assumptions, providing a balanced perspective rooted in scientific evidence.

Tobacco Harm Reduction and Nicotine Perceptions

This survey reveals a startling truth: misinformation clouds the perceptions of many smokers about vaping and its health impact. Dive into the survey findings and uncover the urgent need to educate and bridge the knowledge gap for a smoke-free future.