The World Vapers’ Alliance announces the WVA Ambassador program

BRUSSELS, BE — World Vapers’ Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the WVA Ambassador program – an accelerator program for vape shops aimed to extend the global network of vaping advocates and provide its members with the support needed to amplify the voice of vapers in their communities. 

World Vapers’ Alliance provides a platform for all vapers to make their voices heard. Therefore, the WVA ambassador program is designed to nurture stronger connections between vape shop owners and thousands of consumers and activists who passionately fight for vaping and defend their businesses from harmful policies that consumers face globally.

“At World Vapers’ Alliance, we represent consumers around the globe and want to bridge the gap between activists, vape shops and consumers. Most vape shop owners are passionate vapers and are helping people to quit smoking every day. They should be lauded, but instead, they are hit by bad regulation as much as we, consumers, are,” said Liza Katsiashvili, World Vapers’ Alliance’s community manager.

Program participants will receive access to the internal distribution of breaking news about vaping regulations, get featured on the WVA Ambassador locator map, have priority access to the WVA merchandise, be invited to co-host community events, and connect with a global network of vapers, vaping organisations, and vape shops passionate about vaping policies. 

“We want to connect them even closer with consumer activists. Vape shops won’t be members of our organisations, but as ambassadors, they can become multipliers of our common message: vaping saves lives,” Katsiashvili added. 

Over 100+ vape shops around Europe have already joined the ambassador program before the official launch. Participation in the program is free of charge, and all interested vape shop representatives can apply to join the program here


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