The Great Flavor Debate

A recent article I saw caught my attention, adult ice cream flavors are on the rise.

Confirming what we already know, adults love flavors and flavors drive the sales in most other things that adults consume every single day.

The article starts by stating: “One of the greatest things about being an adult is that no one can stop you from eating ice cream for breakfast if that’s what you want.” Not necessarily a healthy breakfast choice but hey, adults can do what they want, right?

So why do people have such a negative opinion on flavors when it comes to tobacco harm reduction?

Another interesting point in this article: “98% of adults surveyed by Synergy Flavors claim to have indulged in ice cream over the last six months. Compare that to only 26% of children under 18 doing the same and its clear why brands are now focusing on adult-themed flavor innovation.” Additionally, “According to Mintel’s Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties, US – 2022 report, 62% of U.S. consumers say flavor is the most important factor when buying frozen treats from the store.”

So why am I comparing ice cream to flavored nicotine products? Ice Cream is not “healthy” according to the Cleveland Clinic “No matter how it’s made, ice cream isn’t crossing into the health food category — and that’s perfectly fine.” Julia Zumpano, RD, LD.

“Accept ice cream for what it is, which is a treat and indulgence,” says Zumpano. “It’s OK for some foods to provide us with pleasure — and it’s important to take in those moments with gratitude and joy.”

But what if flavored nicotine provides former smoking adults with pleasure? 

The information provided in Clive Bates presentation at the 2022 UK Ecig Summit “Rethinking nicotine: illusions, delusions and some conclusions” Clive looks at how our “approach to nicotine must evolve from tobacco harm reduction to treating nicotine like a socially acceptable recreational stimulant with minimal harm.” 

Clive also cites Neal L. Benowitz in the annual review of Pharmacology and Toxicology “In humans, nicotine from tobacco induces stimulation and pleasure, and reduces stress and anxiety.”

So as registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD, LD states about adult ice cream consumption, we should truly say the same for adults using flavored nicotine products…. Accept nicotine for what it is, for many adults like me, it’s a treat and it provides us with pleasure.

After all, the alternative is deadly cigarettes.


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