MEPs Opinions on Restrictions

ECigIntelligence, an organisation specialising in market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the global tobacco and nicotine alternatives sector, has published its third annual survey of MEP’s opinions on new nicotine products. The World Vapers’ Alliance “celebrated” the findings.

Members of the European Parliament are less aware of key issues surrounding new nicotine products than in previous years, despite being asked to vote on important new legislation concerning the topic in the coming months, according to a new survey.

But the third annual survey, conducted by business intelligence researcher Tamarind Intelligence, publisher of leading intelligence platforms ECigIntelligence and TobaccoIntelligence, shows that the more MEPs know about new nicotine products (e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches and heated tobacco), the more likely they are to consider that these products are less harmful than cigarettes.

A summary of the views of members of the European Parliament on vaping, heated tobacco products, and nicotine pouches:

  • Very few MEPs consider that new nicotine products should be more restricted by law than traditional tobacco, and a majority believe online sales should be allowed for adults (with age verification). But a growing number are unsure.
  • Indeed, MEPs appear to be broadly less likely than in previous years to express firm views in favour of or against new nicotine products. For example, MEPs with no knowledge of new nicotine products are becoming far more likely to acknowledge that they don’t know the risks.
  • This trend towards uncertainty suggests either that MEPs are less confident about their level of knowledge on the topic, or that they recognise it is increasingly controversial and politicised.
  • A narrow majority of MEP responses regard new nicotine products as less harmful than smoking, and only a small minority (19%) consider them equally harmful to smoking. But again, many are unsure.
  • The level of knowledge that MEPs have of these products appears to be a factor in their views on them. For example, those with knowledge of new nicotine products generally see them as less risky, compared with those lacking knowledge.


Read the full text here


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