Ibero-American consumer organisations are fighting for vapers rights

The Congress of the Republic of Colombia and the Ministry of Health of Colombia are in the process of passing laws that may severely restrict vaping in the country. Our partners at ASOVAPE Colombia and other pro vaping organisations are fighting back across the continent. And they need your help!

A declaration containing eight demands from policymakers, amongst which are taking into account the potential for harm reduction that vaping has, recognising the dangers of combustion and ensuring science is used in taking decisions. This declaration will be brought to lawmakers and seeks to be a manifesto that can be adopted in Colombia but also in all Latin American Countries. Read the declaration here.

The World Vapers’ Alliance fully supports this effort and the organisers. We want to invite vapers from around the world to support and give even more weight to the declaration with your signature. Therefore, I personally already signed the declaration, and I urge you to do the same!

It is time for governments to understand that vaping saves lives and allows for smokers to quit effortlessly. We need to tell policymakers that their laws should not punish vapers, rather they should encourage more smokers to switch to vaping. Together, we need to raise our voices wherever we can. Together, our voice matters.

Sign the petition here!