UK: Save Flavours

Save Disposables

The UK Government is urgently reviewing policies on vaping and tobacco products, which could jeopardise the nation's significant progress in harm reduction. Despite witnessing the lowest smoking rates ever, there's a concerning push from politicians to limit vaping and other safer alternatives.

We need to act NOW

  • Vaping Flavours: Your favourite flavours are under threat! The government is contemplating stringent restrictions on vape flavours.
  • Disposable Vapes: Say goodbye to convenience? A potential ban on disposable vapes is on the horizon.
  • Generational Smoking Ban: A new proposal aims to prevent any child turning 14 this year or thereafter from ever legally purchasing cigarettes and Heat-Not-Burn products, which is a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking. 
It’s vital for consumers to voice their opinions and protect their choices. Stand up for your rights and ensure the continued success of harm reduction strategies in the UK! Act now and participate in the government consultation process. The consultation will be open till December 6, 2023.

We need to act NOW

Raise your voice and tell Rishi to #SaveUKVaping

The UK has been a strong advocate for harm reduction. However, the Prime Minister's current stance appears to be a reversal on vaping. It's inconsistent to distribute one million vapes to smokers via the "Swap-to-Stop" program and then subsequently propose restrictions on the same products. The suggested limitations on flavoured vaping items and disposable vapes are troubling. Check out why below, and feel free to use this in your own submission

Participate in the UK Consultation to save vaping:

Vaping Flavours

Restricting vape flavours is a misguided move. For many adult smokers, the diverse range of flavours has been a key factor in making the switch from harmful traditional cigarettes to vaping. Taking this away could potentially make vaping less appealing, undermining its utility as a smoking cessation tool. Moreover, a flavour ban may lead to an underground market for flavoured e-liquids, which poses even more significant risks. In this unregulated environment, quality control becomes questionable, and consumers might end up using products that haven’t undergone the same rigorous safety checks.

Disposable Vapes

Banning disposable vapes is a step back in the quest for a smoke-free future. These products offer a level of convenience that has made them particularly popular among adults looking for a hassle-free way to transition from smoking. By removing this option, we are limiting the tools available to those wanting to quit smoking. It’s worth noting that disposables are already banned for minors. Instead of imposing new restrictions, the focus should be on enforcing existing rules more effectively, to ensure that responsible adults still have access to a less harmful alternative to smoking.

Generational Smoking Ban

While the intention behind preventing a new generation from smoking is commendable, lumping less harmful products like Heat-Not-Burn together with traditional cigarettes is not the answer. These alternative products have been shown to significantly reduce the harm compared to conventional smoking. By limiting their access, the government could inadvertently be pushing younger adults towards the black market. A nuanced approach that differentiates products based on their harm potential is essential, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


The United Kingdom stands at the forefront of harm reduction, embracing methods that have proven successful in aiding smokers’ transition to less harmful alternatives. This approach has not just been effective domestically; it’s a beacon of hope for smokers worldwide looking for safer avenues to quit and for current vapers who have successfully switched. 

Let’s defend the British way of quitting smoking together! 

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