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ASOVAPE Colombia is a Colombian non-profit Vaping Association working for protection of Colombian vapers’ rights. They firmly defend and promote tobacco harm reduction in Colombia based on scientific evidence.

ARDT Panamá (namely, Tobacco Harm Reduction Association in Panamá) is a civil non-profit association. They promote pro-vaping legislation and protect Panamanian people’s rights to reduce tobacco-induced harm through vaping.

APORVAP is a non-profit association that aims to defend the interests of vapers. In its fight APORVAP opposes the vape tax in Portugal, known to be one of the highest in EU, as well as the misinformation about vaping, supported by scientific evidence about less harmful methods of nicotine consumption.

ANPVU is the only Italian association representing e-cigarette consumers. It defends all Italian vapers’ interests and fights for them. ANPVU informs and guides vapers on the science behind vaping and highlight vaping as the most efficient way to quit smoking. The association also provides support to those wishing to quit smoking.

VAPORAQUI.NET is the biggest source of information about vaping in Portuguese, helping people to quit smoking and saving lives.

The Information Directory for Tobacco Harm Reduction is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation formed by nicotine users, health professionals, representatives from the legal, social, and environmental fields. It aims to discuss issues related to smoking without moral judgment, involving all actors interested in this debate.


The mission of the Korean Vapers’ Alliance is to ensure that vapers in Korea can enjoy vaping without challenges. KVA’s vision is to save vapers from unfair regulations. The association spreads awareness about vaping and aims to inform the community and the government that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and is an effective harm reduction method.


The Malaysian Vapers Alliance is a non-profit advocacy group that supports the use of vaping products to help smokers quit. We are committed to empowering consumers and representing their interests in various legislative, policy and regulatory spaces. MVA believes that vape has already changed the lives of millions of smokers for the better globally and locally, and we can continue in this traction if regulators develop a framework that is differentiated, and evidence based. Regulations must strike a balance between ensuring vaping products are available for smokers who want to switch to a less harmful alternative and ensuring these products are not marketed or sold to young people.

The Foundation for Consumer Freedom Advancement (FCFA) is a network of activists, researchers, journalists and consumers dedicated to promoting personal responsibility and the freedom of choice for consumers across Africa. Despite the negative consequence of smoking, there are less harmful ways to consume nicotine, such as vapes, heated tobacco products and snus. However, they are vilified by people with very little scientific understanding of these products and their benefits to help smokers transition to a safer lifestyle. Therefore, the FCFA works in THR consumer advocacy by engaging different stakeholders as an independent consumer-driven entity to defend the rights of consumers to decide what is best for them. We protect the rights of consumers to explore alternatives to smoking and utilize the THR approach to achieve that.


The Association of Personal Vaporizer Users (CROHM) is a non-profit organization focused on protecting current and future personal vaporizer users. The main mission is to educate the public and government bodies about the benefits of personal vaporizers, promote Harm reduction programs , help with scientific studies on personal vaporizers, help smokers who want to stop consuming tobacco products and cooperate with related associations in the country. and abroad.

The Consumer Choice Center is the consumer advocacy group supporting lifestyle freedom, innovation, privacy, science, and consumer choice. The main policy areas we focus on are digital, mobility, lifestyle & consumer goods, and health & science.

Legalise Vaping Australia was formed in 2017 as a joint initiative of MyChoice Australia and the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, as a unique grassroots advocacy and activist organisation. Legalise Vaping Australia is dedicated to campaigning for the legalisation and risk proportionate regulation of vaping and e-cigarettes across Australia.

Rights 4 Vapers is a movement dedicated to advancing evidence-based regulations on vaping. We are an informal collection of committed volunteers who believe that vapers deserve to make an informed choice. We are guided by unpaid academic advisors.

THR Malawi shares essential and useful information on tobacco harm reduction and nicotine science. Association seeks to put science-based information in the hands of consumers so that they are able to make more informed decisions regarding their health.

Tobacco Harm Reduction Congo is an organization that researches tobacco harm reduction in D.R Congo and strives to improve the implementation and understanding of tobacco harm reduction, as well as propose safer alternatives to those who wish to quit smoking.

THR NIGERIA is a non-profit organization, which focuses on promoting safer nicotine alternatives to smokers in Nigeria and also providing truthful and transparent information to smokers and the general public in the country.

Tobacco harm reduction Kenya (THR Kenya) is an independent advocacy group that promotes harm reduction as a tobacco control strategy for the country’s 3 million tobacco users, 8,000 of whom die every year from smoking related disease.

THR-Uganda' mission is to provide complete unbiased information to smokers in Uganda on lower risk alternatives to smoking, in order for them to make sound and informed choices while at the same time championing for adoption policies that will create a conduciveenviroment for Safer Nicotine products and ultimately THR strategies. We are an information dissemination organization that share accurate scientific information on tobacco smoking and nicotine. We support cessation by advocating for tailor-made solutions to end smoking and believe it is possible to integrate tobacco harm reduction in the fight against smoking.

PANTHR serves as a platform advocating for and promoting all innovative solutions for ending smoking, from counseling and NRTs to harm reduction. PANTHR works with policymakers, partners, and smokers in making Pakistan smoke-free.

Ohms do Vapor are an informal group of vapers in Portugal who have created a community to help everyone that needs to know more about vaping.

NCUP's goal is to provide consumers with reliable information they can use to make their own informed decisions. This information is evidence-based knowledge on nicotine consumption, allowing consumers to have a good understanding of less harmful alternatives. At the same time, NCUP wants to encourage policymakers, the media, and other interest groups to take a serious look at tobacco harm reduction as a public health policy solution.

Vaping Saved My Life is a movement that was started in mid-2017 by Craig Stuart and Kurt Yeo, who are both long-time vaping enthusiasts. Vaping Saved My Life now dedicates its time to not only sharing and educating on the benefits of switching to less harmful products but also dispelling the ever-present misrepresentation of science and constant spread of misinformation on the topic.

VAPE Taiwan Inc. established in 2017, is the most influential traditional mandarin media for tobacco harm reduction advocacy (Vaping, Heated Tobacco and Nicotine Products). As traditional mandarin Tobacco Harm Reduction advocacy media, VAPE Taiwan collects, analyzes, translates, and disseminates the latest international news, papers, and international THR policies, in order to achieve the goal of Smoke-Free Taiwan.

Law for People is a campaign against laws restricting consumer freedom and the unscientific approach of EU policy makers. The European Union has for years had a negative attitude towards electronic nicotine inhalers, popularly known as e-cigarettes. In reality, however, regulation of these products is dictated by political rather than scientific considerations. That is why the Commission has banned information on the positive effects of electronic nicotine inhalers - such as making it significantly easier to quit smoking. We want thorough analysis and broad public debate to precede legislative actions that interfere in the daily lives of citizens. We want rational laws and regulations to be introduced in harmony with the people they affect. The law should be for the people and not against them, as stated in our campaign slogan.

ASOVAPE Chile’s goal is to protect and defend the rights of users of personal vaporisers of legal age. Ensuring vapers’ rights to use and acquire vaping devices and supplies in a safe and free manner, ASOVAPE Chile aims to minimise the risks to health caused by tobacco consumption. Other objectives of the association are the dissemination of legal information, participating in debates and forums related to the use of vaporisers and establishing and measuring quality standards.

ASOVAPE Argentina aims to raise awareness of the negative consequences of the current e-cigarette regulation and fights for sensible regulation. They promote an informed debate on the issue, based on serious and authoritative scientific evidence, and fight disinformation around vaping. Ultimately, ASOVAPE Argentina believes that responsible adults have the right to choose.

ASOVAPE Ecuador is an association committed to the defence of tobacco harm reduction in Ecuador. They fight for an appropriate and fair vaping legislation at the national level.

THR Brasil

Tobacco Harm Reduction Brasil is an independent, non profit organisation aiming to reduce the risks and harmful effects of smoking. By disseminating scientific evidence, robust research and knowledge, THR Brasil promotes access to safer nicotine products and contributes to the establishment of a fair, effective and proportionate regulation of vaping in Brazil.

The Mexican Alliance for the Freedom of Vaping (ALLVAPE), has as its main purpose to be an inclusive Civil Association for users, activists and entrepreneurs that encourages the recognition of alternative systems and other similar methods of nicotine consumption as a harm reduction tool for smoking. They promote the defence of their associates, the access of such products, without leaving aside the protection of public health through a fair regulation encouraging the free development of personality and free competition.

Le Journal du Vapoteur is an organisation that offers the most up-to-date information about vaping to consumers. Besides the global developments around vaping, Journal Du Vapoteur reviews various equipment and e-liquids, and offers tips and tricks for starting your new life as a vaper. It meets the expectations of both beginners and experienced vapers by providing exciting content on vaping and e-cigarettes. It’s all about educating vapers and smokers who are looking for a way to quit smoking once and for all.

Spolek Nekuraku (the association of non-smokers) aims to unite people who quit or are trying to quit smoking. It aims to create a platform where former smokers and vapers can share information and best practices about the ways to quit smoking.

Turkish Vapers’ Alliance’s mission is to increase the participation of the country’s citizens in public health policies through raising awareness about the benefits of harm reduction and consumer choice. Turkish Vapers’ Alliance observes the response of the country’s government to public health policies and fights unreasonable restrictions while promoting pro-consumer strategies with a focus on harm reduction.

Campaign for Safer Alternatives

Campaign for Safer Alternatives is an international Pan-African non-governmental organization dedicated to achieving 100% smoke free environments in Africa. We are the unifying voice for consumer organizations advocating for tobacco harm reduction in Africa, promoting discussion and the exchange of information and potential actions to reduce exposure to tobacco-related harm.

The main aim of THR Sierra Leone is to help smokers quit, raise awareness of the health risks associated with smoking, and introduce safer nicotine alternatives to conventional tobacco users. The organisation helps smokers mitigate the health risks associated with conventional smoking and, by delivering honest and accurate information, allows consumers to switch to less harmful harm-reduction products.

Voice of Vapers Bangladesh

The vision of Voice of Vapers Bangladesh is to create and nurture a community that promotes healthy living and advocates for modern alternative solutions to smoking such as vaping. The primary goal of VOV is to raise awareness through credible information from reliable sources and to promote safer alternatives to smoking.

ZVS is a Slovenian non-profit consumer advocacy group. We sincerely believe that the e-cigarette industry will survive and help thousands or even millions of people around the world to switch from tobacco to a less harmful alternative, and benefit from many advantages of the new technology.

The Greek Vapers Alliance is a dynamic and influential community at the heart of Greece's vaping culture. This alliance, comprised of a diverse group of enthusiasts, advocates, and industry experts, is dedicated to promoting the benefits and responsible use of vaping as a harm-reduction tool.

Voice of Vapers Bangladesh

The vision of Voice of Vapers Bangladesh is to create and nurture a community that promotes healthy living and advocates for modern alternative solutions to smoking such as vaping. The primary goal of VOV is to raise awareness through credible information from reliable sources and to promote safer alternatives to smoking.

ZVS is a Slovenian non-profit consumer advocacy group. We sincerely believe that the e-cigarette industry will survive and help thousands or even millions of people around the world to switch from tobacco to a less harmful alternative, and benefit from many advantages of the new technology.

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