All Vape Mexico joins the World Vapers’ Alliance!

World Vapers’ Alliance is excited to welcome a new member of the WVA network – the Mexican Alliance for the Liberty of Vaping!


The Mexican Alliance for the Liberty of Vaping (All Vape Mexico) is a network of activists, users and vaping entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting tobacco harm reduction and the freedom of choice for consumers across Mexico. 

“We are an independent and non-governmental organisation working to amplify the voices of Mexican consumers. We believe that adult consumers are free to consume nicotine through alternative, less harmful ways such as vapes. We are fighting for a fair regulation for vaping in Mexico, based on the principles of the free development of personality and free competition” – said Antonio Toscano, the Spokesperson of All Vape Mexico.

All Vape Mexico is an inclusive Civil Association for users, activists and entrepreneurs that encourages day-to-day recognition of alternative systems and other similar methods of clean nicotine consumption as a harm reduction tool for smoking. It promotes the defence of the users and the access to vaping products, without neglecting the protection of public health. 

The World Vapers’ Alliance is thrilled to welcome All Vape Mexico in our fight to support vaping in Latin America and globally!


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