World Vapers’ Alliance announces first of its kind NFT sale and fundraiser for the European road tour

16.08.2021, Brussels — Vaping goes crypto. The World Vapers’ Alliance has announced the launch of the ‘Vape Bus’, a campaign bus that will travel around Europe throughout August and September as part of the Back Vaping. Beat Smoking campaign. To raise additional funds for the campaign, the WVA launched an innovative auction for the first vaping consumer non-fungible token (NFT).

Speaking about the NFT launch, Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance said:

“Innovation is the main driver to make our world better. Blockchains can transform the way we do business as much as vaping improves people’s lives and public health. We support innovation and are happy to have found a way to combine enthusiasm for vaping and blockchains. Both these technologies should be embraced instead of feared.”  

The concept of NFTs is similar to the concept of a digital coin, such as Bitcoin. However, while Bitcoin was created to be a digital currency, NFTs are created as unique collectible assets. This means that NFTs are not interchangeable because they are unique. A collectible-based NFT has a unique identifier stored on a blockchain to provide the owner with a proof of ownership.

The World Vapers’ Alliances invites enthusiastic vapers and supporters to obtain one of the first ever vaping NFTs especially created for the Back Vaping. Beat Smoking campaign. The NFTs can be found here and as the campaign progresses, there will be more NFTs added.

With the help of vapers and supporters, the electric pink Vape Bus will travel around Europe, gathering the stories of vapers and delivering their messages to politicians. The Vape Bus will illustrate the message that 19 million European lives can be saved if policymakers embrace pro-vaping policies in the fight against smoking.

The bus tour will meet vapers and advocates in Barcelona on August 20, and continue to France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the UK and Switzerland.

“The WVA’s Vape Bus tour will visit many major European cities to meet and engage with thousands of vapers who feel their voices have been ignored. We can only initiate real change if we are united, as vapers, to spread the message to Back Vaping. Beat Smoking and save 19 million European lives. We will spend the rest of the year organising mass-scale grassroots activism, educational events and advocacy to encourage policy makers to Back Vaping,” concluded Michael Landl. 



Notes to editor:

  • The Back Vaping. Beat Smoking campaign hub is available here.
  • More information on the Vape Bus can be found here.
  • The donation page for the tour can be found here.
  • More detail on how 19 million lives can be saved is available here.
  • The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) amplifies the voice of vapers around the world and empowers them to make a difference for their communities. Our members are 23 vapers associations as well as over 14,000 individual vapers from all over the world. More information on

Press contact:

Michael Landl

Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance