Thank you vapers of the world


I want to begin by thanking you for celebrating World Vape Day with us. As the World Vapers’ Alliance, it was important to tell our stories throughout the day and to highlight the very real barriers to vaping that exist around the world. Vaping is something that has changed our lives. For me, vaping means better health. Life literally tastes better as a vaper!

World Vape Day showed our community spirit, our resilience in the face of unnecessary regulation and our determination to ensure our voices are heard. I was honoured to be joined by some of the leading vaping voices in the world: Brian Marlow in Australia, Kurt Yeo in South Africa, Filip Tukic in Croatia and Maria Papaioannoy-Duic in Canada. Each telling the story of the everyday struggles faced by the vapers they represent.

The Consumer Choice Centre led a fascinating debate around the diverse range of regulations that vapers face around the world, and they punctured some of the myths circulated about vaping.

I want to thank my friends in South America, Vapor Acqui and Jeff Zamora, for their participation on the day and their involvement in the World Vapers’ Alliance. And I want to give a special thank you to Julie Woessner from INNCO who shared her story of fighting for vapers rights over the years.

I want to thank all of you for taking part in our World Vape Day Vape TV stream. Your commitment, your enthusiasm and your participation was fantastic. It will help build the World Vapers’ Alliance into an important voice in the vaping world. I also want to thank the e-cigarette forum for their wonderful support promoting our VapeTV in the run-up to the day itself.

World Vape Day was a kick-off event for our Alliance. Now we need to build on its success so we can ensure that vapers’ voices aren’t just raised, but also they are heard!