Prohibition does not work, so many States in the US call for…more of it?

2023 here in the US means one thing for vapers; new legislative bills are being introduced that threaten their right to vape on a state level.

In a recent article by Tobacco Business it lays out the newest 30 bills aimed at vaping and tobacco. From full on bans to raised taxes and limits on nicotine levels this year is shaping up to be more of the same. 

Prohibition has already been proven time and time again to only make matters worse. Yet these states are setting their sights on more prohibition, ignoring the data that shows these bills have only created a dangerous and unregulated black market and pushed more vapers back to smoking cigarettes. 

New York for example has already banned vaping, aside from anything with an approved PMTA. Now they are looking to try to require anyone who wants to vape to obtain a prescription from a licensed physician, also they want the NY State DOH “to establish nicotine levels for e-cigarettes and e-liquids which automatically taper in nicotine strength and at certain time intervals; requires manufacturers to manufacture or cause to be sold in the state e-cigarettes and e-liquid products which automatically taper in nicotine strength and at certain time intervals as determined by the DOH.”

Rather than making these options available at responsible retailers so they could truly help smokers quit, NY aims to make it even harder to acquire e-cigarettes and e-liquid. Introducing a set step down time won’t help either, as we all know anyone who has quit smoking with a vapor product, the step down process varies on the user’s needs, forcing someone to step down their nicotine level before they are ready could cause them to dual use or return to cigarettes entirely. Not to mention the failed prescription model in Australia, that is fueling a black market and increasing smoking rates.

A state not mentioned in this article is Oregon, HB 3090 pushes for a flavor ban for any tobacco or vapor product. This bill, if passed could decimate the Oregon vapor market.

As we enter into this hostile environment please keep in mind that bills like this can be defeated. Reach out to your local lawmakers, continue to advocate and try not to get discouraged.

You never know what change you can make until you try.



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Vaping can save 200 million lives and flavours play a key role in helping smokers quit. However, policymakers want to limit or ban flavours, putting our effort to end smoking-related deaths in jeopardy.

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