Bloomberg commits $420 million to increase smoking rates

2.2.2023. Today, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced to commit an additional $420 million to reduce tobacco use globally. The organization will focus on traditional anti-smoking policies, such as extending warning labels and smoke-free zones and support various anti-vaping policies, such as flavour bans. Due to the previous hostility against harm reduction products from Bloomberg Philanthropies and organizations funded by the organization, consumers expect further anti-science misinformation campaigns about harm reduction. 

Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, said: 

“The reality is that Bloomberg Philanthropies systematically ignore the wealth of scientific evidence pointing to the benefits of vaping, not to mention the first-hand experience of millions of vapers. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and a more effective method to quit smoking than traditional therapies such as gum and patches. Restricting or banning access to vaping will do nothing but cost lives.

This announcement shows Michael Bloomberg is doubling down on his ideologically driven fight against harm-reduction and vaping in particular – ignoring all accompanying negative consequences of his policies.”

Bloomberg’s network of charities and selected groups, which already receive millions of dollars in grants from him, wield significant influence over government leaders globally. Bloomberg’s support has resulted in recent vaping bans in Mexico and the Philippines.

“Taking away less harmful alternatives from the most vulnerable regardless of real-world outcomes is outrageous. Vaping has already saved millions of lives and should be embraced instead of fought. If Michael Bloomberg doesn’t change his approach soon, he will go down in history as the biggest stumbling block for ending smoking globally without realizing it”, Landl added.

Countries such as Sweden or the United Kingdom, which adopt harm-reduction strategies and encourage smokers to switch to vaping or similar harm-reduction products, are the most successful countries in fighting smoking. “They do exactly the opposite of what Bloomberg wants and are on course to end smoking – although Bloomberg doesn’t want to accept this reality”, Landl concluded.


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Vaping can save 200 million lives and flavours play a key role in helping smokers quit. However, policymakers want to limit or ban flavours, putting our effort to end smoking-related deaths in jeopardy.

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