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Back Vaping. Beat Cancer

  • Michael Landl

by Michael Landl, WVA’s Director

Four years ago, I stopped smoking and switched to vaping. I knew that it was one of the most life-changing decisions I would ever make, and I have never looked back. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of vaping.

Today marks another significant milestone for myself and vapers in Europe – the World Vapers’ Alliance is launching our Back Vaping, Beat Cancer campaign. The campaign aims to play its part in helping to beat cancer.

The European Commission will launch its EU Beating Cancer Plan towards the end of this year, outlining a European strategy to tackle cancer (more on that here). This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce vaping as an effective measure to help millions of smokers quit and reduce one of the leading causes of cancer in Europe: smoking.

Last week, I listened to a panel of experts convened by the European Commission, who discussed Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. The audience was asked to weigh in on what they thought were the most important parts the plan should focus on, and I was thrilled to see that “harm reduction”, which includes vaping, was one of the most mentioned items. This means that many of the hundreds of academics and experts who attended this event are starting to understand the benefits of products like e-cigarettes and are getting behind the concept of harm reduction.

Harm Reduction was seen by attendees of the European Commission webinar on the EU Beating Cancer Plan as a top priority.

Harm Reduction was seen by attendees of the European Commission webinar on the EU Beating Cancer Plan as a top priority.

With our Back Vaping, Beat Cancer, campaign, we want to rally the voices of the many who have already experienced the benefits of vaping first-hand and quit smoking as a result. We want you to share your stories with the politicians who are deciding the future of the fight against cancer in Europe and tell them to #BackVapingBeatCancer.

We’re asking vapers from all over Europe to sign our petitions and share their stories with members of the European Parliament.

By including vaping in the European Union’s Beating Cancer Plan as a proven and effective alternative to smoking, we have the chance to prevent many deaths associated with cancer from smoking.

Click here to sign our petition:

Sign our petition and find your representatives in the European Parliament here: