Let’s save 19 million lives together!

The World Vapers’ Alliance ‘Back Vaping. Beat Smoking’ campaign starts again. Our key message is ‘don’t let 19 million lives fall’ across Europe. With this campaign, the WVA wants to let the world know that if policymakers embrace pro-vaping policies, they can save 19 million lives just in Europe. 

The campaign consists of vape-shop tours, community gatherings, public demonstrations, and discussions with politicians to ensure they hear consumers’ voices. In each city, WVA will gather testimonials of vapers and ensure that our voices and the scientific evidence are heard. 

During the fall of 2022, WVA’s Back Vaping Beat Smoking campaign will visit some major European cities, including Strasbourg, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Brno, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, Porto, and Brussels. 

It is a critical time for the future of vaping rights in Europe and across the world. Central turning point – the EU’s TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) legislation will determine if European governments seize the opportunity to save lives or deny people the right to smoke-free lives. 

We will spend the rest of the year organising grassroots activism, educational events and advocacy to defend vaping. But now, we are calling on all European vapers to raise their voices. Together we need to ensure that vaping continues to be accessible and affordable to help millions more to quit smoking.

WVA wants to make this year the year that Europe embraces one of the greatest public health inventions of the century – vaping. To achieve this, the voices of vapers must be heard. Consumers can already raise their voices by signing the petition. At the end of the tour, we will deliver all signatures to MEPs in Brussels.

We have to ACT, and we have to act NOW. We only have a few months to influence the future of global vaping policies, so we are bringing vaping activism across Europe with one collective voice: Back Vaping. Beat Smoking!

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Act now!

Vaping can save 200 million lives. 2022 is the year to make this opportunity a reality. Raise your voice. Join our campaign. 

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Vapear puede salvar 200 millones de vidas y los sabores juegan un papel clave para ayudar a los fumadores a dejar de fumar. Sin embargo, los legisladores quieren limitar o prohibir los sabores, poniendo en peligro nuestro esfuerzo por acabar con las muertes relacionadas con el tabaquismo.

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