A European Plea for Harm Reduction

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Every year, 700,000 lives are needlessly lost in the EU due to smoking-related diseases. As the EU reviews the Tobacco Products Directive, there’s a concerning push to restrict safer nicotine alternatives, further endangering lives. 

This isn’t just a petition; it’s a demand for the protection of harm-reduction products, which are vital for public health. Your support is more than valuable—it’s crucial for advocating sensible, life-saving policies.

At the end of this year we will submit the petition to the EU Parliament’s PETI committee.

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Informace, které poskytnete v tomto formuláři, použijeme k tomu, abychom vás kontaktovali ohledně World Vapers’ Alliance a problémů s vapingem. Pro více podrobností si prosím přečtěte naše Zásady ochrany osobních údajů.

Every Life Counts

Combat Smoking Deaths with Proven Harm Reduction Strategies.

We’re clear in our demands and unwavering in our commitment. 

We’re calling for:

  • Preservation of Flavours: Rejecting Bans on Vaping Flavours
  • A Firm Commitment to Harm Reduction: Embracing Effective Strategies
  • Ensuring Affordability and Variety: Supporting Access to Safer Nicotine Alternatives for Adults
  • Risk-Based Regulation: Differentiate and Govern Nicotine Products by Their Harm

The time to act is NOW. With consumer-friendly nicotine regulations, millions of lives can be saved in Europe. We refuse to give up on them. Everyone deserves the right to choose a healthier life, and that’s what we’re fighting for. But we can’t do it alone.

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Raise your voice, tell your story to a Member of the European Parliament, and join us in this critical fight. Every life counts, and together, we can make a difference.


Podepište petici

Zákonodárci příliš dlouho ignorovali názory vaperů a umlčovali ten nejdůležitější hlas: VÁŠ! Ale teď máme příležitost být slyšeni a musíme tuto šanci využít.

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Our biggest strength is our own personal stories about beating smoking. We made it easy for you to share your story with policymakers. Let them know why they shouldn't treat vaping the same as smoking and why we need to save flavours!

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The upcoming update of the EU's Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) will determine the future of harm reduction, possibly threatening the most successful smoking cessation aid in history - unless we raise our voices!