Raise your voice to back vaping – EU consultation is open!

Raise your voice to back vaping – EU consultation is open! 

Många politiker och anti-vaping röster kräver att vaping ska behandlas på samma sätt som rökning. Detta skulle innebära en katastrof för vapers och folkhälsan. Miljontals vapers kan tvingas tillbaka till rökning på grund av smakförbud och andra restriktioner för tillgängligheten av vaping för de människor som behöver det mest.

For too long, lawmakers have ignored vapers’ opinions, meaning the most important voices – those of the consumer – and their lived experiences are missing and misunderstood. So when we have the opportunity to raise our voices, we need to take the chance. The EU Commission opened a public consultation, and you can participate till 17 June 2022. 


In order to participate, you only need to follow these steps: 

  1. Create an Account & chose your password
  2. Click “give feedback” 
  3. Choose your preferred language 
  4. Tell them your story and why they need to back vaping to beat smoking
    (If you need inspiration, check our sample message below & the WVA statement här.) 
  5. Optional: Attach our factsheet about vaping
  6. Skicka in 

Our “Back Vaping. Beat Smoking” campaign ensures that the voices of the millions of vapers who have successfully quit smoking thanks to vaping are heard. We will deliver a clear message to all the decision-makers in the European Union and across the world: by backing vaping, we can beat smoking, and tens of millions of lives can be saved!



What you could send: 


My name is [INSERT HERE]. I am [INSERT HERE] years old and I am from [INSERT HERE]. 

I was smoking for [INSERT HERE] years and tried multiple times to quit.

I tried different methods of traditional nicotine replacement therapy, and unfortunately found all of these products did little to help my cravings for cigarettes. I decided it was time that I needed to give up.

Around his time, I was introduced to vaping and it changed my life. 

I am very proud to say that I am smoke free for [INSERT HERE] now.  I have found that my health has improved dramatically. Thanks to vaping I am able to stay away from cigarettes and it turned out that vaping flavours are essential for this. The variety of flavours allow me to not be reminded of the taste of cigarettes. 

Many other people around me gave up smoking because of vaping. I am highly grateful for this product that has been detrimental to my health, and I urge the policymakers to consider this. I strongly oppose any excessive regulations on vaping products. I urge policy makers to keep this effective smoking cessation tool available for everyone. 



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Act now!

Vaping can save 200 million lives. 2022 is the year to make this opportunity a reality. Raise your voice. Join our campaign. 

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Vaping kan rädda 200 miljoner liv och smaker spelar en nyckelroll för att hjälpa rökare att sluta. Politiker vill dock begränsa eller förbjuda smaker, vilket sätter våra ansträngningar för att stoppa rökningsrelaterade dödsfall i fara.

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