Vapers Guide: LA, California

Hey there, fellow vapers! Welcome back to another edition of our blog series, “Vapers Guide.” Today, we’re diving into the vaping scene in sunny California, specifically the dazzling city of LA. Get ready for exciting facts, helpful tips, and a dash of California dreamin’!

Los Angeles, the city of angels, isn’t just about Hollywood stars and palm trees. It’s a massive urban paradise that lures millions of visitors every year. And no wonder! The never-ending summer, picturesque beaches, trendy neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and the glitzy world of showbiz create a magnetic pull that’s hard to resist. I spent five awesome days in LA during the summer, and, oh boy, it was a whirlwind of surprises! With so much happening, seeing everything is impossible, but those five days left me thirsty for more. 

Now, if you’re a vaping enthusiast considering a trip to Los Angeles, this guide is your secret weapon! In a city with endless attractions, hip streets, and world-class eateries, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as a vaper.

So, grab your vape gear and explore this ultimate guide, packed with tips and advice to make your vaping journey in LA a breeze!

5 Must-Know Things About Vaping in LA, California:

  • Flavour Ban Drama

Remember that attempt to protect the young ones and keep those flavors away? Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill in August 2020 banning most flavored tobacco products across the state. It caused quite a stir, with the opponents pulling out all the stops to block it, but California voters said, “Nope!” and upheld the ban. The Supreme Court shut down the petition, and as of December 21, 2022, the state-wide ban on most flavored tobacco products and vapes kicked in. We all know flavors are like the superhero sidekick to help smokers quit, so losing them is a public health hit. Come on, California, let’s rethink this!

  • Who’s Still Selling Flavored Vapes?

Hold up, you might be surprised! Flavored vapes are still making waves in California, even with the flavor ban. Some cities have cracked down, but others turned a blind eye to the fling with flavors. In LA, five out of six shops I checked out were openly selling the flavorful stuff, and they weren’t exactly hiding in the shadows. Of course, flavor ban is not working—how am I not surprised? But don’t get too comfy; the party might not last forever. The ban’s enforcement is still in the air, leaving us with a tantalizing taste of flavors but uncertain prospects.

Meanwhile, during my California adventure, I took a wild plunge and tried a “clear vape” for the first time. I had to see what the future holds, right? Brace yourselves, it was a taste adventure without the taste! Let’s just say it left my taste buds on a snooze fest – bland and boring, my friends! 

  • Vape On the Fly

Traveling with your beloved vape gear? No problem! TSA’s got you covered, but vaping devices can’t hitch a ride in your checked luggage. They belong in your carry-on. Tanks, mods, rechargeables, and disposables – all good to go in your carry-on, too. Oh, and stash the liquid in your checked luggage to avoid any mid-flight surprises. Watch for vape leaks during the flight’s ups and downs. I usually keep my vape together during security checks, making it easy for them to give it a thumbs-up, and before takeoff, I separate the tank in a cool little baggie.

  • No Vaping Zones

The Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance putting vaping on pause in all smoke-free areas in the city. No puffing in enclosed workplaces, near government building entryways, or within 20 feet of operable windows. City parks, beaches, outdoor dining areas, and farmers’ markets are on the no-vape list. 

This regulation might damper your beachy vibes, but fear not, vaping warriors! Your vacation in LA can still be an unforgettable adventure. Just think of it as a treasure hunt for that perfect hidden spot where you can stealthily take a satisfying vape hit. Embrace your inner vaping ninja and seek out those tucked-away corners where you can enjoy your vape without worry.

  • The Cost of Cool

California’s got some hefty taxes on vaping products. Prepare your wallets because electronic cigarettes are taxed at the wholesale and retail levels, making vapes pretty penny. But hey, it’s all in the name of curbing teen vaping, right? 

What this vape tax hike is really doing is making it tougher for adults who’ve taken the brave step to quit smoking and embrace vaping. For many of us, vaping has been a lifeline to kick that nasty habit to the curb. But now, with prices soaring almost everywhere in the world, it feels like a constant uphill battle.

California, let’s find a better way to address the issue! Instead of burdening responsible adult customers trying to improve their health, let’s focus on education and support for the younger crowd. Let’s have open conversations about the potential risks and consequences of teen vaping and empower them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. We all want a better, smoke-free future and can achieve it together without blowing our budgets!

So there you have it, vapers! Now you’re ready to conquer LA’s vaping scene like a pro. Stock up on your favorite flavors before your trip, and if you run low, hit up the local shops to see what’s on offer.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs from Nevada and Arizona, where we’ll continue our vaping adventure through the wild west. And remember, vape safe and rock on! 

This blog post is constantly evolving since vaping laws are changing all the time everywhere in the world. If you have more info or recommendations, I’d love to hear from you! 

Anything else I missed?

Let me know at mariam@worldvapersalliance.com

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