Vaping can save 200 million lives. 2021 is the year we can take this opportunity, or lose it forever.

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2021 is a critical year for vaping and public health. Global and European leaders will meet later this year to discuss how best to tackle smoking. The global COP 9 conference this November will set the direction for anti-smoking policies worldwide, while the EU’s ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ laws, currently being discussed, will act as the benchmark for vaping policies globally.

Many politicians and anti-vaping voices are calling for vaping to be treated the same as smoking, even though evidence shows vaping is less harmful. This would spell disaster for vapers and for public health. Millions of vapers may be forced back to smoking due to tax hikes, flavour bans, and other restrictions on vaping accessibility.

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We need global policy makers to see the evidence and the public health opportunity in vaping, and show them that vaping saves lives.

We need to ensure that these decision-makers understand the real-life stories of vapers who have been able to quit.

We need to deliver a clear message to Government leaders around the world: The best way we can beat smoking is to back vaping.

Vaping has the potential to change the world. For many ex-smokers it already has changed their lives for the better. What we need now is the law to catch up and help save lives.

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Vaping has the potential to ensure 200 million smokers quit forever, but governments must encourage and facilitate it as a cessation method Now more than ever, it is vital that vapers’ voices are heard.

That’s why we’re taking our campaign out on the road, across Europe and around the world. We need to ensure that those making the key decisions that will affect OUR rights, OUR health and OUR futures, hear OUR collective voice and ‘Back Vaping. Beat Smoking.’