Will Scotland Erect an Anti-vape Wall? Vape Ban Announced

Edinburgh, 23 November 2023 – A recent report from the Daily Mail reveals Scotland’s plans to introduce a generational smoking ban, similar to the one proposed by the UK Government but doubling down by adding a vaping ban to the mix. The inclusion of vaping in the ban has sparked significant concern among consumers and harm reduction advocates.

Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, expresses serious reservations about this move: 

“While the intention to curb smoking is commendable, it’s concerning that the Scottish Government is considering extending this ban to vaping. It’s important to remember that it’s already illegal for teenagers to buy vapes. Adding another layer of prohibition doesn’t solve the underlying issues. Instead, we need to focus on enforcing existing laws more effectively and addressing the reasons why teenagers start smoking or vaping in the first place.”

The Daily Mail’s report suggests that anyone born in 2009 or later – currently 14 or younger – will never be able to buy tobacco or vape products in Scotland legally. This approach, according to Landl, could lead to unintended consequences: 

“Will there be vape smuggling gangs operating bringing vapes from England into Scotland? As absurd as this sounds, we have seen what prohibition leads to in the past. Prohibition has a history of failure, and this is no different. Banning the most successful smoking cessation tool in history makes little sense and is counterproductive. We have seen similar approaches fail disastrously in Australia, leading to a booming black market.”

Landl further emphasises the distinction between smoking and vaping: “Equating vaping with smoking and subjecting them to the same regulations is a fundamental misunderstanding of harm reduction. Vaping is not smoking and should not be treated as such. By embracing harm reduction and recognising the unique role of vaping, Scotland has the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on public health.”

The World Vapers’ Alliance urges the Scottish Government to reconsider this approach and adopt policies that genuinely reflect the differences between smoking and vaping, focusing on harm reduction and public health.


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