New Study Proves Flavored Vaping Products More Effective at Reducing Smokin …

Lotus Vaping Technologies has completed a first of its kind Longitudinal Cohort Study examining the effectiveness of flavored vapor products vs. tobacco only flavored vapor products at reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day by adult smokers.

Results were not shocking to the vaping community since we have been fighting vigorously for flavors for this exact reason.

As a bonus the study also showed that flavors of choice were more effective in helping participants fully quit smoking (14%), than what is the commonly reported rate for FDA approved nicotine replacement therapies (9%).

This study shows once and for all that when adults have the right to choose the flavor that works best for them vaping is far more effective.

Per the study results “The reduction in cigarettes smoked per day was thus 73.9% GREATER for the flavored group than the tobacco flavor only group”.

This is the first time the industry has completed a study like this but certainly not the first time that studies have shown flavors are vital to success when it comes to vaping. 

In 2020 researchers from the Yale School of Public Health associated the use of vaping flavors with a 230% increase in the odds of adult smoking cessation and concluded that: “In this study, adults who began vaping nontobacco-flavored e-cigarettes were more likely to quit smoking than those who vaped tobacco flavors.”

In Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States a 2020 survey found that, in the case of a flavor ban, 5 out of 10 would get their flavors from the illicit market or take up smoking again.

Another study from 2021 analyzed the effects of a flavor ban in San Francisco and found that it resulted in rising smoking rates among teenagers for the first time in decades. 

As more and more evidence comes to light on the negative effects of flavor restrictions will the FDA Center for Tobacco Products revisit its review standards?

With the recent update to Lotus Vaping Technologies’ PMTA submission, consumers are keenly interested in seeing how the FDA will respond. This decision will significantly impact the availability of these products and their potential contribution to public health.

A big congratulations to Lotus, we look forward to what comes next.


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