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What is the WVA Academy and Who is it For?

WVA Academy is a comprehensive course for anyone who wants to build the skills and knowledge essential to successfully advocate for vaping. Leaders of vaping associations and communities, passionate bloggers and those just starting out in vape advocacy are all encouraged to apply.

What does the course offer?

  • A better understanding of the media and its impact;
  • The ability to segment media and target the right journalists;
  • Tools for creative thinking while building campaigns or organizing protests;
  • Increased confidence in nurturing relationships with the politicians;
  • A deeper knowledge of the current regulatory framework;
  • A stronger skill set for team management;
  • Enhanced knowledge of communication, media outreach, campaigning/activism, team building and leadership, will allow the leaders of vape communities to effectively reach our common goals.

Register for the Academy

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Applications are open until 25 March 2022.

WVA Academy Course Online

The first WVA Academy course will be divided into 5 core modules:

Campaigning and Activism: Participants will take a deep dive into analysing the essential elements for successful advocacy, discussing case studies, campaigning processes, stunts, protests and digital activism.

Media Training: Participants will be prepared for intensive media
interaction, communicating with media outlets and journalists, how to get published, writing press releases, how to respond to tough questions and more.

Political Engagement: Participants will be introduced to how to understand, manage and change public opinion, effectively communicate with policymakers and how to nurture relationships with them.

Introduction to Regulatory Framework: Participants will develop an understanding of the current global regulatory challenges for vaping and how to play their part in them with a special focus on COP9 and TPD.

Team Management: Participants will receive guidance on how to build and manage successful teams, motivate and engage volunteers, how to recruit new members and more.

Each Module will consist of two webinars and will allow participants to explore the given topics in detail by discussing them with the specialists in the relevant fields.

WVA Academy Credits

Participants will receive 1 WVA credit for participating in each webinar.

Each module, consisting of 2 webinars will score 2 credits overall. Upon completing each module, the participant will be certified in that field.

To get certified in the full Academy, the participant is required to attend at least 80% (8 out of 10 sessions) of the training program.

Format and Timeline

The WVA Academy will be held via Zoom. The participants will be provided with the link of the webinars after the successful registration.

1-hour webinars will be held each Tuesday, 19:00 CET every week.

The estimated start date for the training is the 6th of April, 2021. The estimated end date of the training is the 8th of June, 2021.

Ask Liza!

You have any questions?

Liza is WVA’s Community Manager and she is the main point of contact for the WVA Academy.

Liza graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Georgia and has studied her MA specializing in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in the Czech Republic.

She is experienced in project management, mainly for international organizations. In the past 3 years, she has been working for a large student organization as a Program Manager, coordinating up to 300 activists and student leaders across Europe. Her tasks included working with the leaders, assisting them with the local projects, helping with the leadership transition, training, running educational groups, etc.

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The World Vapers’ Alliance was established by and receives funding from the Consumer Choice Center. We welcome funding and donations from partners and individual donors. We are proud to have full independence in our work. We are committed to only representing the interests of consumers, empowering them to make informed decisions about their own health and advocating for consumer access to low-risk nicotine products such as vaping.