WVA Challenges France’s Disposable Vape Ban: A Call for Rational Harm …

Paris, 25 March 2024 — In France, a parliamentary committee approved a ban on disposable vapes. The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) urges policymakers to reconsider the far-reaching consequences of this move on public health and harm reduction.

Michael Landl, the Director of the WVA, states, “Prohibition doesn’t work. It never has, and it never will. A ban on disposable vapes will not eliminate the demand but shift it from regulated markets to the black market, creating negative, unintended public health consequences.”

The ban on disposable vapes is counterproductive to harm reduction, Landl further states. “Disposable vapes can act as a crucial stepping stone for smokers looking to quit. They offer an easy entry point, and many smokers eventually transition to other vape devices. Making that path from smoking to vaping as frictionless as possible is essential for public health. While cigarettes, known to be extremely harmful, remain readily available, banning a 95% less harmful alternative defies logic.”

The ban aims to ‘guarantee a high level of public health protection, especially safeguarding young people and non-smokers from proven health risks.’ However, the WVA highlights that vaping, including disposable vapes, is significantly less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Pushing these products into the black market poses a greater public health risk than regulated, quality-controlled products sold with age verification.


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Vapear puede salvar 200 millones de vidas y los sabores juegan un papel clave para ayudar a los fumadores a dejar de fumar. Sin embargo, los legisladores quieren limitar o prohibir los sabores, poniendo en peligro nuestro esfuerzo por acabar con las muertes relacionadas con el tabaquismo.

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