The UK Approach to Vaping: Educating Rather than Banning

In the UK, public health officials have proactively approached the issue of underage vaping by educating children.

To this end, an animated film has been recommended for teachers to show in schools, and a leaflet has been designed for parents and carers to share via newsletter or email. Additionally, a letter has been created for schools to send to parents to explain the information they will be teaching their children. The full range of resources are at the Action On Smoking And Health (ASH) web page, free to use for everybody.

The UK’s approach to vaping is refreshing because it focuses on education rather than prohibition. While some countries have banned vapes outright, the UK has taken a more measured approach by seeking to inform the public, particularly young people, about the potential risks of underage vaping.

The animated film and other resources available from ash.org.uk are invaluable tools for educating young people about vaping. By providing children with accurate and balanced information about vapes, they can make informed decisions about whether or not to use them.

It is a more promising way to tackle the issue than moral panic and scaremongering, and additionally in accordance with scientific evidence. An often ignored explanation for vaping uptake by adolescence is “common liability.” In other words, adolescents who are likely to vape are also likely to smoke – e.g. because of personality traits, genetic predisposition, or social and environmental factors. 

The UK’s decision to educate children about vaping rather than banning it outright is a sensible and responsible approach. By providing young people with accurate information, they can make informed decisions about their health. It is heartening to see that the UK is taking a proactive stance on this important issue, and we hope other countries will follow suit.


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