Beat Smoking Like the Swedes

It's time to beat smoking like the Swedes! By embracing harm reduction and alternative nicotine products like snus and vaping, Sweden is on track to become the first smoke-free country worldwide.

Sweden's success story

  • Sweden has the lowest smoking rate in the EU and is the only country on track to achieve the EU’s smoke free-goal of 5% of smokers nationwide; 
  • Smoking rates have declined by 55% in the last decade
  • Smoking-related deaths are 22% lower in Sweden than the EU average. 
  • Cancer incidence is 41% lower than in the rest of Europe, with total cancer deaths being 38% lower. 


Our goal is to raise awareness about the Swedish success in tobacco harm reduction and encourage Swedes to celebrate their achievement. We will spread Sweden’s success story on the EU level, among EU member states and an international audience through political outreach, but also in the media and the vaping community. We will run digital and grassroots events, and help vapers raise their voice. 

Stay tuned for the announcements! 

Let’s take action and beat smoking rates like the Swedes. By embracing harm reduction, we can achieve smoke-free societies and improve public health for all.

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We must ACT NOW!

Raise awareness

Share Sweden's success story with your friends, family, and colleagues. Spread the word on social media, and discuss the benefits of harm reduction approaches in reducing smoking rates. Don't forget to use hashtag #BeatSmokingLikeTheSwedes
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Support smokers in quitting

Support smokers in quitting: If you know someone who is trying to quit smoking, offer your support and encourage them to try alternative nicotine products like nicotine-pouches and vaping. Let them know that these products are less harmful than smoking and can help them quit for good. Send us your and your friends' testimonials

Speak NOW

Tell politicians about the Swedish success story and encourage them to follow Sweden's lead! Encouraging politicians to follow Sweden's lead can pave the way for positive change and a healthier future for all. You can play a crucial role in advocating for positive changes in your country's policies and practices.

Busting Vaping Myths!

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