Advocates Dismayed at Denmark’s “Horrible” Nicotine Clampdown

Denmark’s government is introducing a package of 30 measures aimed at reducing young people’s consumption of nicotine and alcohol. The plans include raising taxes on nicotine products and banning flavors.

Advocates are dismayed by the moves, which come despite other Scandinavian countries boasting some of the world’s biggest tobacco harm reduction success stories.

Further measures, agreed by governing coalition partners and announced by the health ministry in November, include increased penalties for illegal sales; limiting availability of tobacco, nicotine and alcohol; and creating more smoke- and vapor-free environments.

“The use of tobacco, nicotine and alcohol by children and young people is in a worrying development and despite clear age limits for sales, it is today all too easy for minors to get hold of the products,” Sophie Lohde, minister for the interior and health, said in the government statement. “That is why we are now investing almost half a billion kroner … so that we can reverse the trend.”

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