World No Tobacco Day: WVA Warns of the “Misperception Epidemic”

As World No Tobacco Day (31 May) approaches, the World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) is raising the alarm about the rampant ‘Misperception Epidemic’ surrounding tobacco harm reduction. Recent research by Ipsos for the think tank ‘We Are Innovation’ reveals that 74% of smokers worldwide wrongly believe that vaping is as harmful or more harmful than smoking. This dangerous misconception, fueled by misinformation, is preventing millions from switching to a scientifically proven, less harmful alternative.

Michael Landl, director of the WVA, stated:

“The WHO has turned World No Tobacco Day into a propaganda day. Sweden is about to become smoke-free thanks to alternative nicotine products. The WHO needs to stop fighting alternative nicotine products and start backing them as keys to a smoke-free future. The WHO’s false claims are fueling a deadly misperception epidemic. Smokers deserve the truth: vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. Accurate knowledge could save millions of lives.”

This stance is supported by recent research and statements from public health authorities such as the UK’s National Health Service, which has published a guide to “Vaping Myths and Facts,” debunking significant misconceptions about vaping to help smokers access high-quality information. However, misinformation from influential bodies like the WHO perpetuates false beliefs, hindering smokers’ access to life-saving alternatives.

Additionally, the WVA is organising a protest in front of the WHO headquarters on World Vape Day, May 30th, in Geneva. This demonstration aims to compel the WHO to finally listen to consumers and acknowledge the scientific evidence supporting vaping, nicotine pouches, and similar products as valid harm-reduction tools.


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