Sweden Must Defend Its Success

Sweden must defend its successful harm reduction approach, the World Vapers’ Alliance’s director Michael Landl believes. Sweden is the most successful country worldwide in reducing smoking rates, but the Swedish approach is under pressure from the EU and the World Health Organisation.

To urge the Swedish government to defend its consumer-friendly approach towards snus, vaping, and nicotine pouches, consumers held a protest in front of the Swedish parliament.

The World Vapers’ Alliance, an organisation that says it represents international vaping consumers, together with Swedish consumers, vape shop owners and local harm reduction groups such as “EU for Snus” and the “New Nicotine Alliance Sweden” deflated a 5-metre tall cigarette in front of Riksdag in Stockholm as a part of the wider#BeatSmokingLikeTheSwedes campaign.

The demonstration highlights Sweden’s success with sensible harm reduction policies towards alternative tobacco products such as snus, nicotine pouches, and vaping.

Furthermore, protesters will go on to encourage the Swedish government to defend its successful policies against EU and WHO attacks.

Both the European Union and the World Health Organisation want to place further restrictions on vaping and nicotine pouches and keep demonising snus consumption, ignoring the Swedish anti-smoking miracle and preferences for their consumption of nicotine.

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