Why vape flavours matter?

I love vaping flavours. As a former smoker, they make me forget the taste of tobacco and keep me from lighting cigarettes again. Yet, in the past few months, flavours are under severe attack. Ill-informed politicians around the world feel that they can score easy political wins by proposing and enacting bans to remove flavours from the shelves.

I know first hand the benefits of flavours, I know so many people who rely on them to keep off the cigarettes. Therefore, I don’t want to be forced back to the taste of tobacco instead of my preferred flavours green apple and iceberg.

I want to dispel some of the myths surrounding vaping and flavours, having seen how much ill-informed media coverage vaping has been getting recently. That’s why today I am excited to share with you a short and incisive report I co-authored with David Clement and Yaël Ossowski of the Consumer Choice Centre

In “Why flavours matter?” we found that banning flavours will have a disastrous effect on society, having the potential to push millions of vapers back to smoking or into dangerous illegal markets. Having variety and availability of flavours, means vapers don’t have to remember the taste of tobacco again. Take that away from them and you send them back to the old habits.

For example, just in France, a full flavour ban could send almost as many people back to smoking as the population of Paris. In the United States, as many as 7.7 million people could go back to smoking if a full flavour ban is in place, that’s as much as the population of Los Angeles and Chicago combined.

Flavoured vapes are crucial tools for adult smokers to quit. They have achieved what legislation and taxation could not. Can you imagine how quickly this last decade of innovation in smoking reduction can be erased with just one misguided law?

I am convinced that no policymaker wants to make the mistake of creating a whole new army of smokers in their countries. Vaping has been a lifesaver for many and flavours have been the secret sweet sauce for the record-low smoking rates in many countries.

Feel free to share this report and spread the word about why flavours matter. Tell us your story using the hashtag #vapersvoices on twitter and let’s keep flavours available to adult vapers everywhere.

Michael Landl

Director, World Vapers’ Alliance