Vaping is a gateway OUT of smoking

Vaping is a gateway out of smoking, and suggestions that e-cigarettes encourage non-smokers to take up the habit don’t stand up to scrutiny!  

Our newest research report “VAPING AND THE GATEWAY MYTH” demonstrates that e-cigarettes help adults quit smoking and that with youth smoking rates at an all-time low, arguments that vaping is encouraging teens to take up smoking simply aren’t supported by the evidence. The most common arguments against vaping – painting vaping as a gateway to smoking – fail the test of reality and science.

The principle findings of the paper include:

  1. Nicotine is not the issue – toxins in cigarettes are: Almost all of the harm from smoking comes from the thousands of other chemicals in tobacco smoke.

  2. E-cigarettes help adults quit smoking: it is twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapies.

  3. Vaping does not lead to smoking among adolescents: youth smoking rates are at an all-time low and youth use of e-cigarettes is rare.

  4. Banning flavours won’t solve the problem: restrictions and bans on flavours will significantly limit the usefulness of vaping as a cessation tool.

Most anti-vaping arguments fail to take into account the fact that e-cigarettes target tobacco consumers. Just like sugar substitutes help people to reduce their sugar intake, e-cigarettes help people to quit smoking. We wouldn’t blame sugar substitutes for an increased sugar consumption, yet doing so for e-cigarettes seems to be acceptable for some reason.

Policymakers cannot ignore the facts any longer. The scaremongering about vaping needs to stop. We urge policy makers to strongly commit to the general concept of harm reduction and endorse e-cigarettes as an effective tool to help smokers move to a safer alternative to consume nicotine. Therefore, access to vaping products for adults must be ensured and overregulation needs to stop.

We must let policymakers know that vaping is a gateway OUT of smoking. Please use the key findings and evidence of this research to highlight the facts and show why vaping as a gateway to smoking is a myth.

Together, we can make our voices heard.

Michael Landl, WVA Director