The state of vaping in the state of California

California is the second-worst state in the United States for regulation on vaping according to a recent study from our partners at the Consumer Choice Center. This is bad news for vapers, for smokers who are seeking less harmful alternatives, and ultimately for public health.

The Consumer Choice Center’s US Vaping Index categorizes and ranks each state based on its consumer-friendly regulatory approach to vaping products. California receives a score of five out of 30 (!) because it has widespread municipal flavor bans, has an excise tax of 57% of the wholesale price of vaping products, and has mostly prohibited the online sales of flavored products. The only state ranked lower than California is New York with a score of 0 points!

This needs to change! Vapers need to raise their voices against this overregulation and paternalism in a state that was once known for its openness and progressive approach to innovation. Vaping revolutionized the fight against smoking and offers the most effective method for smokers to quit.

California’s governor Gavin Newsom champions himself as a fighter for public health, but will achieve the opposite: discouraging smokers to switch to vaping which is 95% less harmful. If he truly wants to improve public health, we urge him to start by legalizing flavored liquids again.

Flavors are essential for current vapers to stay off cigarettes and for current smokers to have more choices that suit them in their fight against smoking.

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