Back Vaping. Beat Cancer

We have a historic chance to make vaping part of Europe’s plan to beat cancer
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  • Millions of European have already quit smoking by vaping. Vaping saves lives.
  • Let's strive for more. Vaping reduces harm
  • Now Members of the European Parliament and Governments must back vaping in Europe’s Beating Cancer plan

We call on Members of the European Parliament and national European Governments to support the inclusion of vaping in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Right now, we are at a critical point in Europe. More than ever before, it is vital that efforts to reduce the harm of smoking, such as switching to vaping, are included in Europe’s plan to tackle cancer.

Why is this
  • Cancer touches the lives of every citizen in every country across Europe
  • Smoking causes nearly 700,000 deaths every year
  • The EU must do everything it can to tackle tobacco-related cancer
Millions of former smokers have used vaping to help them give up smoking. What we need now is the policy action to catch up, support this switch and save lives.

Public health organisations, such as Public Health England, have released evidence that demonstrates vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and could help even more people to quit smoking. The science shows vaping continues to save lives by giving smokers a safer alternative.

The EU has made cancer one of its top health priorities and is set to present its flagship initiative – Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan – to take action against cancer looking from prevention to treatment.

The European Parliament has set up a Special Committee to feed into this initiative and propose clear measures to find solutions to fighting cancer and the causes of the disease.