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EUROPE: Vape in the face of smoking, a solution that the EU can no longer ignore?

Unfortunately, it is not us that will have to be convinced, but the institutions of the European Union. While the issue remains thorny for politicians, a recent article of ” The Parliament Magazine  ”Called on political decision-makers to reconsider their positions on vaping. And indeed, it would be high time to approve the e-cigarette as an aid in stopping smoking!


A smoke-free world? It is a slogan for the future that we hear more and more in the countries of the European Union but which is unfortunately not followed by an ambitious policy. Allowing yourself to ignore vaping in 2021 in the fight against smoking is simply to condemn thousands of smokers around the world!

The widely available e-cigarette, popularized as a smoking cessation tool since 2013, is considered a new technology, which means that it has raised some suspicion from the European Union. The article published by ” The Parliament Magazine »Explains that recent reviews have« sought to present vaping as a gateway to conventional smoking ».

The article, co-authored by Maria chaplia du Consumer Choice Center et Michael landl, Director of World Vapers’ Alliance, declares: ” The correlation between the introduction, popularity of vaping, and declining smoking rates suggests that vaping is an important innovation in helping people quit smoking.  »

He also suggests that if the European Union continues to demonize vaping, it will negatively affect the chances of smokers switching to ” safer and healthier alternative  »And suggests that  At this point, we now know enough about vaping and that there is no reason for the European Union not to approve it.

The article concludes by strongly urging policymakers to reconsider their stance on vaping, in line with the overwhelming amount of data that proves it to be an undeniably effective tool in helping smokers adopt a healthier lifestyle. and reduce their risk of illnesses and future illnesses.

« Despite many voices seeking to undermine vaping as a gateway to getting out of tobacco, the evidence is strong: vaping saves lives. »



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